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Get Unbelievably Healthier, Frizz-Free Hair With This One, Simple Hair Treatment Secret...

Qiqi Permanent Thermal Hair Smoothing Treatment

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Welcome to Qiqi! Permanent Hair Smoothing             (For Information or to Schedule TEXT 404.587.5950)

Save Time, Money and Your Hair With Qiqi


Qiqi Vega is the start of a revolution in hair smoothing and straightening. Qiqi Vega uses a proprietary technology which works as a hybrid between keratin treatments and thermal straightening, transforming hair textures.


The time is now to replace older, harsh, alkaline technologies which damage hair, as well as short-lived keratin treatments, which last only 2-3 months and may also fade color.


Qiqi is compatible with chemically treated hair, so you will able to color hair immediately after treatment.

Over 18,000 treatments have proven the exceptional performance of the easy, simple process of using Qiqi treatments.


  • A texture modifier: revolutionary technology

  • Permanent, long-lasting results – you choose: seriously straight, smooth or curly

  • Does everything a permanent relaxer does

  • Does everything a keratin treatment does

  • Compatible with extremely damaged or chemically treated hair

  • Qiqi Vega won’t damage hair

  • Smoke-free and fume-free

  • No restrictions after service

  • No downtime for colour

  • Only regrowth needs to be treated during follow up appointments

  • Vegan



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Qiqi Permanent Hair Smoothing Treatment
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