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Introducing FORMULA 18™

Find Out Why It’s Flying Off of Our Shelves!

FORMULA 18™ is a chemically resilient material that ionically binds to the hair’s cuticle and offers long-term protection from harsh hair color, free radicals, peroxides, and environmental stressors. Unlike many of the resin based hair strengthening and smoothing treatments, Formula 18 is a natural remedy made from plant-based ingredients.

How Does FORMULA 18™ Work

Damaged hair has a raised cuticle, while healthy hair has a smooth, closed cuticle. FORMULA 18™ penetrates between uplifted scales in the cuticle to create a stapling type effect resulting in a smoother, healthier appearance. FORMULA 18™ is a blend that creates a highly effective hybrid biopolymer to aid in reducing and fixing damage done to the cuticle while simultaneously strengthening the hair fiber.

Bleached hair with no additives

Bleached hair with Formula 18

Harnessing Nature's Power

Utilizing Cystine found within the PEA PEPTIDE, RESURRECTION PLANT, and TAMARIND to link with the sulfur atom, FORMULA 18™ creates and rejoins broken disulfide bonds. When disulfide bonds are reformed it will leave hair more manageable and healthy looking.

Contact us or just drop by to learn how FORMULA 18™ can restore dry color-damaged hair to luxurious, shining tresses.
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