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ENJOY holistic

Haircare Products

A Holistic approach to Hair Care, with an emphasis on premium performance


ENJOY Holistic products are all free of Colorants, Sulfates, Sulfur, Soy, Gluten, Propylene Glycol, Silicones, Parabens and use Allergen Free Fragrances.

pH balanced and stable for healthier, shiner hair and scalp.

Great for all hair types including but not limited to: Fine hair, thick hair, curly hair, chemically treated hair, dull hair, dry/damaged hair.

What Does Holistic Hair Care Mean?

Key Healthful Ingredients:

Aloe –
Promotes healthy hair growth, alleviates itching, calms inflammation and can reduce dandruff. Conditions the hair.

Green Tea Extract –
Known for being a powerful antioxidant that helps to prevent sun damage and preserves the hair moisture. Improves scalp health and strengthens hair.

Chamomile –
Helps reduce dandruff, soothes scalp irritation, promotes healthy hair growth and helps minimize split ends.

Vitamin C –
Promotes healthy hair growth, natural antioxidant and helps dry, scaly skin.

Vitamin A –
Promotes healthy hair growth.

Vitamin B5 –
Improves elasticity, moisture retention and improve health of hair.

Apple Amino Acids –
Helps improve the condition the hair.

Panthenol –
Conditions and strengthens the hair and skin leaving it soft and smooth. Gives hair a thicker and fuller appearance.

Coconut Oil –
Conditions the cuticle of hair, adds incredible shine and prevents frizz.

Cetyl Esters –
Smooths hair, enhances hairs natural texture.

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Drop by Atlanta Hair Studio and let one of our experts evaluate your hair. We can quickly recommend a hair care and styling regimen appropriate your  hair's unique needs. Walk-ins are always welcome at our salon! We want you to experience the difference a personalized hair care plan can make for you.  Your hair will thank you!

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