Get Unbelievably Healthier, Frizz-Free Hair With This One, Simple Hair Treatment Secret...

a-Keratin by Peter Coppola Hair Smoothing Treatment

Sleek, smooth, manageable hair is now possible without risk. With a-Keratin by Peter Coppola, you will achieve perfect hair effortlessly, without parabens, sulfates or dreadful formaldehyde.


a-Keratin uses only the good stuff Argan Oil, Avocado Oil  and Hydrolyzed Keratin, to instantly and safely transform coarse, frizzy, hair to smooth, silky and superbly shiny, with these fabulous results lasting 8 weeks. 

Rewind the strands of time with health restoring hair treatment. Seal your cuticle tightly and bring back lost luster and shine with one quick professional salon treatment. a-Keratin is appropriate for all hair types.


The treatment also dramatically reduces hair styling time, as well as treatment time in the salon chair. If time is money, enjoy incredible savings, and give yourself time to do what makes you happy.


Why stop at great, when you can have perfection? After all, perfect hair is the best revenge.



Enjoy our Special Introductory Offer -

a-Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment starting at $170.00

(a $350.00 value). 


We want you to experience perfection!

The Amazing Benefits of a-Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment


Clients are calling a-Keratin a "real game changer." Unlike the old lye-based relaxers that actually melted hair, a-Keratin does not damage hair or change its structural integrity.  A-keratin uses natural oils such as Argan and Avocado in conjunction with Hydrolyzed Keratin to  safely smooth and eliminate frizz. In fact, clients and stylists agree, the hair shafts actually feel stronger with each successive treatment. Following your first treatment, your hair will feel sleek and look glossy.


a-Keratin Can Be Used To:

  • Eliminate Frizz

  • Silken Coarse Wavy Hair

  • Reduce Hair Volume

  • Tame stubborn cowlicks and redirect hair growth

  • Is appropriate for all hair types of any ethnicity

  • Will not damage color-treated or bleached hair

Join the revolution - a-Keratin will cut your styling time in half; discover what you can do with an extra 30 minutes a day!  Hair can even dry naturally, without becoming wavy or frizzy. Results following treatment last 8-12 weeks, however the effects are cumulative.  With each successive treatment, clients can wait a little longer between SmoothOut appointments.

The a-Keratin Process

Expect your appointment to last approximately three hours.  Treatment times will vary according to the length and thickness of your hair.


  1.  First your hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo to remove any deposits that may have built up from  harsh sulfate-based shampoos and silicone-based styling products.

  2. A-Keratin is then applied to towel dry hair.

  3. The Treatment is for 20-50 minutes, depending on the condition of the hair.

  4. Once the hair has processed, we complete blow drying your hair, then flat iron it in small segments to achieve a complete smooth look.


Unlike many other treatments, there is no waiting time between application of a-Keratin by Peter Coppola and washing and restyling your hair.  Once the process is complete you are ready for a night on the town, or you may opt to try on a whole new hairstyle with your freshly perfected tresses!


Maintaining Your Hair With the a-Keratin Treatment is simple.  There are no complicated rituals to keep the a-Keratin treatment in place.  However it is important NOT to use sulfate-based shampoos or conditioners. We carry a variety of non-sulfate based shampoos, conditioners and styling products to tailor a custom regime for your specific hair type.


Demonstrable Results by a-Keratin at Atlanta Hair Studio

As you can see, the a-Keratin treatment tames even the wildest mane, erasing frizzies and creating a luxurious texture and shine. Scroll down to see even more hair smoothing miracles!

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